Week 6 – Scenario tasks, final version

After a few reviews of the scenario tasks I proposed last week and after many discussions with my mentor Jim Hall, I finally have the final version of the tasks for my future usability test .

For some of the scenario tasks I had to make some changes, such as removing the ones that were not relevant for this usability test, as our goal is to target average users. For example, I deleted those tasks where the participants had to launch the application –  I plan to launch myself all the applications participants will need during the test.

Jim also helped me to re-write many of the tasks, in order to make them more simple and easier to understand for the participants.

Here are the results:


  1. Yesterday, you re-organized your files and you don’t remember where you saved the copy of one of your articles you were working on. Please search for a file named “The Hobbit”.
  2. Files and folders are usually displayed as icons, but you can display them in other ways too. Change how the file manager displays files and folders, to show them as a list.
  3. You don’t have your glasses with you, so you aren’t able to read the names of the files and folders very well.  Please make the text bigger, so it is easier to read.
  4. Please search for a folder or a file that you recently worked on, maybe this will help you find the lost article.
  5. In the Documents folder, there is a folder named HB. This is a special folder to keep important work related to a project you are working on. Save the location of this folder so you can visit it again in a few weeks when you work on this project again.

Evince + Characters:

  1. You are preparing for a meeting with your team next week, where you will present your progress on an article you are working on. You would like to review the latest version of your article. Please open HB_article.pdf from the Documents folder.
  2. One of the most important subjects you want to discuss during your meeting is a comment you made on the Tolkien’s work. Please go to the title “UN DÉSESPOIR INTELLECTUEL” in this document.
  3. You want to quickly get to this part of the document later. Save the location of the “UN DÉSESPOIR INTELLECTUEL” title in order to have an easier access to it the next time you are in the document
  4. After verifying the first two paragraphs of your article for spelling errors, you decide to mark them in order not to read them again the next time you work. Others in your office use the “✓” (checkmark) sign to mark paragraphs that were verified. Please go to page 1 and add  a note with the  “✓” sign after each of the first two paragraphs.
  5. NOTE: Use the Dingbats font from the Characters application in order to insert this sign. The Characters application has already been opened for you.

  6. You want to make a final review of your article. Please adjust your view of the document so you can see two pages at once.
  7. After you finish, please save all your changes you made to the HB_article.pdf document, then close it.


  1. Your boss just called, and cannot make it to a meeting with you. Your boss asked you to move the meeting to another time. Please create a new meeting for July 17, 2015, from 2:00pm until 4:00pm .
  2. One of your colleagues just reminded you about an important conference you need to attend August 15-18, 2016. You already planned a family trip for around that time, so you want to check if you are free to attend the conference. Please check your calendar to see when you have your vacation.

Image viewer:

  1. You and your team want to make a birthday surprise for one of your colleagues. You collected many virtual postcards from everyone, and used these to create a funny personalized postcard that you plan to show during a team meeting. You want to review the image before the meeting. (The image has already been opened for you). Please adjust the image and make it bigger until you can read the text in the balloon.
  2. It’s time for the show! Please start a slideshow of all the postcards.

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