Week 5 – “Sketching out” the scenario tasks


For the usability test I am planning for my Outreachy project, I decided to expand the scenario tasks I created in my initial contribution (you can find them here). After a discussion with Jim Hall (my mentor) and Allan Day (from GNOME design team), I decided to test the following GNOME programs:

  1. Nautilus
  2. Evince
  3. Calendar
  4. Image Viewer
  5. The new Characters application

One of the goals of this usability test is to have fewer applications than in my initial contribution, but to go deeper into their design patterns, in order to cover them all. For a more realistic experience, I plan to pre-populate the testing environment by adding more files, photos and other elements which give the impression of a system that belongs to a real person.

Below I present you a sketch of the scenario tasks I created for this week. This is not the final version, as I might change the tasks, their form, expression and correct the eventual grammar errors. You can find in attachments the .pdf file I plan to use for the test of Document Viewer.


Scenario Tasks

Imagine that you are a journalist at “Le Monde” newspaper, in Paris. You are at work and today is a very important day to you, as you have to present to your team your progress on the article you are writing.


Yesterday you re-organized your files and you don’t remember where  you saved the copy of your article.

1. Please go to the My articles folder and search for a document named “The Hobbit”

You realize that you can’t find any file named “The Hobbit”, maybe you gave it another title. As there are a lot of documents, you decide to start a “manual search”:

2. For a better searching experience, please hide the list of folders displayed in the left side of the opened window.

3. Now you decide to display current files as list.

4. It seems today is not really your lucky day – you noticed that  you don’t have your glasses with you, so you can’t read the files’ titles when you display them as list.  Please make the icons look bigger, so you can read their titles.

5. The last step you decide to do is to display the last modified documents. Please do so.

6. You observe there is a folder named HB . Suddenly you remembered that you created this special folder for your presentation. Please bookmark this location. Verify the bookmark was saved successfully.

After you are done, please save all the changes.


Evince + Characters:

1. Please open the document HB.pdf, by using the Document Viewer application.

2. You realize that this is not the last version of your article. Please open HB_article.pdf directly from Document Viewer.

3. One of the most important subjects you want to discuss during your meeting is a comment you made on the Tolkien’s work . Please search for the title “UN DÉSESPOIR INTELLECTUEL” , then bookmark the corresponding page.


There is an important point you need to discuss with your colleagues , so you decide to add a note comment.

Remark: The “❢” (exclamation mark) sign highlights the importance of your comment. Use the Dingbats font from the Characters application in order to insert this sign.

4. Please go to page 10 and add  a note with the following comment :  “ ❢ Maybe I must write another article with this subject ”.

5. You want to make a final review of your article, so you decide to:

    1. Display two pages at once for a quick review.
    2. Read again the list of bookmarks you saved for this document.


After you finish, please save all your changes you made to the HB_article.pdf document, then close it.



Your boss just called and he announced that he couldn’t make it to the meeting, so he suggested you to postpone it for 2 days.

  1. Please open the Calendar application and add a new meeting for July 9, 2015, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm .
  2. One of your colleagues just reminded you that you have an important conference to attend in August  2016, but he doesn’t remember the day exactly. You thought about planning a family trip for August 15-18, 2016 and you want to verify if you are available for that time.  Please check this in Calendar.


Image viewer:

You and your team want to make a birthday surprise for one of your colleagues. You collected many virtual postcards from everyone, that you plan to launch during a “fake” team meeting.

  1. You also created a funny personalized postcard for him,  so you decided to look over before sending it. Please use the Image Viewer to open the “Postcard_For_Jon.jpg” image. Zoom in to check the balloon details you added.
  2. It’s time for the show, Jon arrived in the meeting room. Use the Image Viewer  application in order to launch a slide show of all the postcards. Happy birthday, Jon! 🙂




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